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Nourishment in the Redwoods

Whether you're visiting for immersion learning or unstructured downtime, 1440 Multiversity creates the space for you to slow down, breath deeply and nourish yourself. You'll discover serene moments of relaxation and reflection, and find new energy in engaging classes and workshops, supported by the reward of healthy delicious, meals.
  • Chef Kenny at 1440

    About Chef Kenny

    Kenny Woods got his start in the kitchen as a young boy, standing on a chair helping his Italian grandmother stir soups for the family. As a teen, he taught himself to cook from watching cooking shows, finding recipes, and taste testing along the way. By 13, he loved cooking and knew he wanted to be a chef. From dishwasher, to prep cook, to sous chef by the age of 19, Kenny has been developing his craft throughout his life.

    He was executive chef at North in Arcadia, Arizona, where he started hosting community dinners consisting of several creative courses using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. From there, he became executive chef at Flower Child in Scottsdale, Arizona, developing his leadership style to bring out the best in others. Kenny's philosophy is to believe in the ingredients and showcase them with integrity, while loving the process, so food sustains its living energy and the care of those who prepare it. KennyFixed supports local communities and farmers and creates meals with the hope of inspiring guests to cook simply prepared, delicious meals at home.

  • Chef Kenny work at 1440
  • Chef Kenny work at 1440
  • Chef Kenny work at 1440
  • Chef Kenny work at 1440
  • Chef Kenny work at 1440
What was the best part of today? Waking up, sitting on the back porch in my noise-canceling headphones and meditating, then getting to work. It was just a perfect way to start the day.
If you could trade places with anybody in the world, who would you pick? For one day, I would trade with some kind of three-star Michelin chef somewhere in the world. Only for a day, though, because I don’t want to live in that kind of stressful environment.
And then on the flip side, I would love to trade places with somebody who owns a very private, cool mountainside cabin somewhere in Alaska. That would be awesome—with a river that you can fish in—just to kind of know what it’s like to live on the really simple end of things.
What is your favorite word? I don’t have one straight-up favorite word, but I do love the three-word phrase—mise en place—and that’s French for “everything in its place.” It’s just kind of a way to live your life—knowing what’s going on, staying in the moment. When you translate that to a kitchen, it’s success.
What’s one thing everyone can do today to make a real difference in the world? Everybody living by treating people how you should be treated—we’ve all heard that before. Preparing fresh food at home. These days we have lost touch with the concept of “the home-cooked meal.” Processed foods have taken over our meals. Knowing where your food comes from and what its ingredients are is so crucial to making the world a better place. If we all spend a little more time cooking fresh food, we would have less worries about what we’re fueling our bodies with. Get hands-on with your meals.
What would you love to have for dinner tonight? I’m probably leaning towards green chicken curry because it’s kind of a go-to (for me).