Helen LaKelly Hunt


Cocreator of Imago Relationship Therapy


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Personal Development - Relationships

Getting the Love You Want

Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt

November 10 - 12, 2017


Helen LaKelly Hunt has been an important partner to her husband, Dr. Harville Hendrix, both in the evolution of Imago Theory and the growth of Imago’‰s global organizational infrastructure.

Dr. Hunt has also been active within the women‰s movement, helping to catalyze and grow the area of women‰s philanthropy. Five years ago, she cofounded Women Moving Millions, a global movement of donors with the goal of raising the bar on women‰s giving.

Dr. Hunt is an honored inductee in the National Women‰s Hall of Fame and the author of Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance, as well as the recent article, ‰”Healthy Marriage: Healthy Women and Girls,‰” inviting the women‰’s movement to take up equality in marriage as an agenda. Helen and her husband live in New York City. Together they have six children and five grandchildren.

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