Kelly Rae Roberts


Artist, author, and "‰possibilitarian‰"


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Spirit Wings

Kelly Rae Roberts

August 6 - 11, 2017


Kelly Rae Roberts is an internationally celebrated artist, author, and “‰possibilitarian.‰”

She earned her master‰’s degree in something ‰practical‰: social work. Then, her heart started pulling her towards something big, brave, and new, and she decided to pursue a thoroughly ‰”impractical‰” dream: to become an artist. She put paint to paper, and her heart exploded with renewed passion and joy. Her artwork spread like wildfire, reaching thousands of fans‰ and pulling in millions of dollars in licensed artwork sales.

She is bestselling author of Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, author of the popular e-book series Flying Lessons: Tips & Tricks to Help Your Creative Business Soar, and creator of two well-loved online painting e-courses.

Kelly‰’s work and approach has been featured in countless books and magazines and on uplifting gift products worldwide. She genuinely believes that anything is possible, if you take one baby step of bravery after another.

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