Lian Quan Zhen

Teacher of watercolor and chinese-painting


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East Meets West

Lian Quan Zhen

June 4 - 9, 2017

“A beautiful painting depicts the harmony between nature and imagination.”


Lian Quan Zhen is a sought-after watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the United States and abroad.

He started sketching and painting in his childhood and continued as hobby while practicing medicine as a family physician in Canton Province, China. After immigrating to the United States in 1985, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996.

Lian Quan Zhen has many shows in the United States, Hong Kong, and China and has an international following. His paintings hang in numerous institutional and private collections, including the MIT Museum, which has collected 14 of his paintings. He is also one of the most popular authors for North Light Books.

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