Lisa Bergly (Swami Swarupananda)


Yoga therapy trainer and mentor


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Understand Pain, Live Well Again

Neil Pearson, Lisa Bergly (Swami Swarupananda)

October 1 - 6, 2017


Lisa Bergly (Swami Swarupananda) is an ordained householder swami in the Kriya Yoga tradition and a yoga therapy and yoga education trainer and mentor. With well over 1,000 hours of advanced training and a long history of teaching beginner to advanced yoga students, serving private clients, and educating yoga therapy practitioners, Lisa has a deep knowledge of yoga therapeutics and a keen understanding of structural alignment, yoga sadhana, and ritual.

She is a living experience of the sadhana practices of Kriya Yoga and shares the healing power of yoga in her dharma to “Serve Life, Serve Love.”

Lisa honors her innate capacity and ability to hold space with healing presence. She offers her compassion with grace, enthusiasm, humility, and wisdom, showing students the way to laugh at themselves first, love themselves unconditionally, and take joy in remembering, expressing, and honoring their true nature as Spirit in form having human experiences.


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