Sam Berne

Pioneer in vision science


Sam Berne

Pioneer in vision science


Sam Berne is a pioneer in vision science, integrative health, and subtle-energy therapies. A leader in the fields of behavioral/neurodevelopmental optometry and vision therapy for more than 30 years, Dr. Berne is internationally renowned as a researcher, facilitator, and teacher.

He uses the eyes as an entry point for improving vision and transforming overall health. His revolutionary method begins by guiding each person to discover their visual patterns, then he offers a developmental process of eye-brain mindful awareness activities, somatic movement practices, medicinal essential oils, and other subtle-energy therapies to help students increase their creativity and vitality.

Dr. Berne is a board-certified behavioral optometrist, certified craniosacral therapist, certified aromatherapist, and authorized Continuum Movement teacher.

He maintains a private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and his leads workshops and retreats throughout the world.

Upcoming Programs

The Art of Seeing

July 16-21, 2017
Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

Join a pioneer in vision science, integrative health, and subtle energy therapies and learn the tools you need to improve your vision, support...