Toni Bergins


Conscious-dance facilitator and teacher trainer



Toni Bergins is known internationally as a conscious dance facilitator and teacher trainer. Founder and creator of JourneyDance™—a transformational movement practice that is accessible to everyone—she leads JourneyDance at conferences, studios, and retreat centers throughout the world, including Kripalu Center and Omega Institute, and has a growing team of more than 500 JourneyDance teachers worldwide.

Toni has also produced a popular instructional CD and created a clothing line, and she has been featured in numerous publications, including Yoga and FitnessRx.

Toni connects people to their innate source of energy and creative wisdom through guided movement, combined with visualization, soulful music, and space for personal exploration on the dance floor. She brings a sense of humor and a deep passion to her JourneyDance work.

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