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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
What is the difference between shared and paired accommodations?

Two guests that know each other or that are related may share a room, provided each guest is independently registered because all pricing is arranged on a per person package basis. Since all guests who stay at 1440 must be registered to learn, there are no options for anyone to share a room with you without being registered and paying the per person package price. If you are traveling alone, you may request a shared accommodation, which means 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate.

Guests who have a desired roommate are each required to register and request one another as roommates. Guests who have no preference can book a shared accommodation and will meet their roommate upon arrival to 1440. In most cases, whether sharing with someone you know or being paired with someone you don't know, you will all be utilizing a community hall (dorm-style) bathroom.