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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
How are classrooms and private event rooms assigned? 1440's goal is to optimize the number of visitors to campus to expose as many individuals to the opportunity to learn as possible in service of our nonprofit mission. Therefore, classrooms are assigned at 1440's sole discretion, according to the final number of participants in each class and the requirements outlined by the faculty regarding equipment and supplies needed for each classroom. Some of our classrooms are also equipped with recording and streaming capability so please be sure to outline your requirements to be assigned to the indoor or outdoor classroom that is best suited to meet your needs. All programs must take place in the spaces assigned by 1440 and any use of spaces without the expressed written consent by 1440 will be assessed back to the faculty or private event. No public spaces may be reserved or utilized for private events or workshops as they are designed to be enjoyed by all campus guests.