Clear Home, Clear Heart!

Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places

Jean Haner

July 23-28, 2017

Sunday-Friday, 5 nights

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Program Description

Energy clearing is a gentle yet powerful way to release old, limiting patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that can keep you stuck in life. Discover how to clear yourself and other people in order to reclaim your spirit and reconnect to your sacred purpose.

Based on Jean Haner’s latest book, Clear Home, Clear Heart, the elegant approach to energy work taught this week draws from her 30 years of study and experience and will empower you for life.

Whether you want to open new possibilities in life, develop your intuition, help others, or manage being as a highly sensitive person—or if you just want to know how to clear stress the moment you feel it—this workshop is for you.

In addition to learning to clear yourself, in this highly experiential week you will learn to:

  • Clear the energy of spaces such as your home and office, releasing emotional residue from past residents (or past days) so it feels fresh, light, and vibrant
  • Bring balance to the earth beneath you so you feel grounded and able to thrive and grow
  • Create a healthy environment that supports your overall well-being.

You will also receive clearings and emerge refreshed, empowered, and able to use the practice of clearing for the rest of your life.

Why Attend?

  • Master a gentle, natural, and simple way to clear your energy and the spaces you spend time in to reset your mood and elevate your outlook.

  • Overcome stress and negative thinking quickly with practices that clear frenetic energy and promote calm, ease, and harmony.

  • Learn how to support your friends and family by clearing their energy and the energy of the spaces they inhabit.

Things to Know

  • Program Schedule

    Download a sample schedule.

  • Prerequisites

    None required.

  • Experience Level

    None required. This program is appropriate for people who have never heard of “energy” before as well as for people with extensive experience.

  • Special Interest to

    Highly sensitive people, intuitives, healers, bodyworkers, therapists, medical professionals, parents, and anyone interested in Feng Shui or interior design

  • Special Details

    Participants must be able to walk on their own without a cane and have the use of their hands and arms.

    $35 materials fee included in Tuition

Program Faculty

Jean-Haner-2016hs-web.300x400Jean Haner

Hay House author Jean Haner is a natural empath, able to feel and work with subtle energy. Highly sensitive as a child, she…



Accommodations, meals, and campus activities rates, per person, for all program nights:

Pod: $700
Standard single: from $875
Standard double: from $800
Traditional: from $950
Suite: from $1,650

Taxes apply.

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