Memoir As Bewilderment

Nick Flynn

September 10-15, 2017

Sunday-Friday, 5 nights

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Program Description

Writing memoir can take you into the unknown of your misremembered past and allow you to push more deeply into the shadows.

When first approaching the idea of writing our memoir, says acclaimed poet, memoirist, and playwright Nick Flynn, we often write what we believe is our unique autobiography—but as we press on, we discover that our story is connected to everyone’s story, and only then do we access the deeper mysteries of life.

In this workshop, with Nick’s guidance, you will learn to:

  • Examine why you tell the particular stories of life the way you do
  • Pause and dive deeper into your narrative to uncover what lies beneath for increased self-awareness, understanding, and insight
  • Write memoir in a way that is intriguingly personal as well as universally relatable.

As we work together, you will look for those moments when you begin to stutter and stumble when talking about your project. From there, you will wrestle with the deeper mysteries as well as the concept of bewilderment, and how memoirs can embody both—through syntax, access to the duende, leaps into the unconscious, or simply circling around what is unsaid, unknown, and unrealized.

You will take home unexpected insights and a richer connection to the questions that can drive your memoir forward.

Why Attend?

  • Uncover your relationship to the essential mysteries of life by exploring the depths of your stories in a new way.

  • Develop your writing by asking important questions, guided by internationally renowned, award-winning poet and memoirist, Nick Flynn.

  • Dive into a weekend of writing, discussion, and self-inquiry, reaping the benefits of the unique insights derived from the exploration of bewilderment.

Things to Know

  • Program Schedule

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  • Prerequisites

    None required.

  • Experience Level

    None required.

  • Recommended Reading

    The Next American Essay, edited by John D’Agata.

Program Faculty

Nick_Flynn-2016hs-web-300x400Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn is an award-winning poet, playwright, and memoirist. His poetry and prose explore the tenuous membrane that separates comfortable, everyday existence…



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