Primal Yoga® Immersion

Yoga, Martial Arts, and the Chinese Five Elements

Liz Arch

July 30-August 4, 2017

Sunday-Friday, 5 nights

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Program Description

Experience Primal Yoga, a fluid and thoughtfully sequenced style that combines movement and breath to cultivate the flow of qi and pranic energy throughout the body. Seamlessly blending yoga with slow flowing movements inspired by tai chi, qigong, and kung fu, Primal Yoga becomes a harmonious dance that creates balance, strength, and synergy in our physical and emotional bodies.

In this special 5-day immersion, we will explore the relationship between yoga and martial arts within the framework and philosophy of the Chinese Five Elements. Each day, we will work with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Throughout, you will experience creative, out-of-the box movement, artful transitions, and philosophical discussions as you learn:

  • An engaging, effective approach to optimal functioning of the body to create radiant health and vitality
  • Primal Yoga sequences, including breathwork, meditation, and energy practices to balance the elements
  • The physical and emotional manifestations and various pathologies that result when the elements are out of balance.

With an emphasis on breath, fluidity and alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga taps into your body’s innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within, fostering integrated alignment and balance. You will leave energized, uplifted, and inspired, with practices to continue at home.

Why Attend?

  • Create radiant health and vitality by applying the wisdom of the Chinese Five Elements to yoga and martial arts sequences.

  • Learn a dynamic yoga and martial arts fusion that creates balance, strength, and synergy in the physical and emotional bodies.

  • Connect with ancient healing wisdom you can easily use to inspire a fresh, new future.

Things to Know

  • Program Schedule

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  • Prerequisites

    None required.

  • Experience Level

    None required.

  • Special Details

    No prior martial arts experience necessary.

Program Faculty

liz_arch-2016hs-webLiz Arch

Liz Arch, named one of the “100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by MindBodyGreen, is creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic yoga…



Accommodations, meals, and campus activities rates, per person, for all program nights:

Pod: $700
Standard single: from $875
Standard double: from $800
Traditional: from $950
Suite: from $1,650

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Massage and other healing arts harmonize the mind, body and spirit, while integrating your experience.

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