Self-Awakening Yoga Retreat

Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice

Amba Stapleton, Don Stapleton

August 13-18, 2017

Sunday-Friday, 5 nights

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Program Description

Master yoga instructors Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton, PhD, are internationally recognized for their ability to approach yogic inquiry as a way to facilitate depth contact with your own source of internal guidance—which is where your yoga practice emerges.

In this retreat immersion, you are invited to come home to yourself and experience a level of personal ownership of your yoga practice that frees you from the illusion that truth exists outside of you.

Self-Awakening Yoga practices consist of easy-to-follow movements that engage you in an exquisite combination of introspection with celebration, strength with compassion, and tradition with evolution.

This retreat is crafted to provide you with a carefully balanced schedule that will nourish and inspire you as you learn and experience:

  • The rejuvenating effects of Self-Awakening Yoga
  • The roots of yoga practice as a creative learning process and an expansion of consciousness
  • Movements based on the neuro-muscular developmental stages encoded within the body’s memory from birth
  • Entering any form of yoga practice without abandoning contact with your inner guidance.

The sequences of movement inquiries in this retreat reveal fundamental insights into developmental patterns, structural alignment, and mobility, as well as how to balance flexibility with strength, differentiate functional movements, and energize core strength.

This Self-Awakening Yoga retreat helps you gain a foundation for your personal yoga practice that taps into the wisdom always naturally flowing from your being.

Why Attend?

  • Gain the confidence to start a home yoga practice—or deepen an existing one—based on your personal body inquiries and curiosity.

  • Experience yoga as an empowering practice of creative exploration that facilitates a deep connection to the wisdom of your body.

  • Develop trust in yourself and your ability to make wise decisions based on what feels right in the quiet depth of body instinct and intuition.

Things to Know

  • Program Schedule

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  • Prerequisites

    None required.

  • Experience Level

    None required.

  • Recommended Reading

    Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness through the Body’s Own Wisdom, Don Stapleton

Program Faculty

Amba_Stapleton.300x400-webAmba Stapleton

Amba Stapleton has been a yoga practitioner and yoga educator for more than 30 years. Passionate about finding the links between science…


don_stapelton-2016hs-web300x400Don Stapleton

Don Stapleton has been designing and leading professional yoga trainings for more than 40 years. As a teacher and director at Kripalu…



Accommodations, meals, and campus activities rates, per person, for all program nights:

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Standard single: from $875
Standard double: from $800
Traditional: from $950
Suite: from $1,650

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