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Mindful Self Compassion at Work 2020

Mindful Self-Compassion at Work

Essential Skills for Building Inner Strength and Thriving
January 12 - 17, 2020 Midweek (5 day)

All-inclusive program package to include:

  • Tuition
  • Three Meals in Kitchen Table (daily)
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Signature classes and wellness offerings
Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath. 1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.

Program Description

The modern workplace is challenging—a place where we can realize our potential as a human being. But it's also a demanding place for which we need to build our (inner) strengths. Burgeoning research shows that self-compassion (think: inner compassion) is strongly associated with emotional well-being, coping with life's challenges, lower levels of stress and anxiety, healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and more satisfying, compassionate relationships. Self-compassion is a source of self-worth that's relatively free of social approval, enabling us to bounce back from difficulty and pursue our goals with energy and enthusiasm. And it's becoming increasingly evident that compassion is good for workplace productivity and satisfaction.

This workshop, [email protected], is an adaptation by Wibo Koole of the empirically-supported 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) training, developed by clinical psychologist and Harvard lecturer Chris Germer, PhD, and Kristin Neff, PhD, and taught to tens of thousands of people around the world. Compassion benefits everyone—and the easiest way to increase compassion for others is by cultivating self-compassion.

Wibo Koole is a world leader in mindful leadership, working to specifically address the needs of people in the business community—staff, managers, and CEOs—who wish to make the workplace, and their experience of the workplace, more enjoyable and productive.

[email protected] is designed to give each participant a direct experience of self-compassion and, by learning the core principles and practices of inner compassion, the ability to evoke this powerful resource at work.

Program activities include discussion topics, exercises, meditations, and small group interaction. It is not necessary for participants to have a formal meditation practice to benefit from self-compassion. [email protected] is an opportunity to explore how we typically respond when difficulties arise in our lives and to learn tools for becoming a strong and supportive companion to ourselves, much as we might do for others.

Presented by

  • Christopher GermerAbout Christopher Germer PhD|Clinical psychologist, author, editor, workshop leader, keynote speaker
    Christopher Germer is a clinical psychologist and lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is a developer and popular teacher of the Mindful Self-Compassion program, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion, and coauthor of The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook.
  • Wibo KooleAbout Wibo Koole |Business leader, mindfulness instructor
    Wibo Koole is a director of the Centrum voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the architect of its renowned Mindful Leadership programs. After a long career as a CEO, he now combines global management and leadership consulting with teaching mindfulness and compassion. He is the author of Mindful Leadership.

Why Attend

    Practice tangible skills to pause, reflect, and relate from a place of calm and self-confidence even in the most difficult circumstances.

    Bring your learning back with you to work and lift up your teams, coworkers, staff, and clients.

    Make your workplace as a whole, and your experience there every day, enjoyable, productive, and enriching.

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