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Adam Roa, Spoken word artist and motivational coach

Named among Goalcast's top trailblazing innovators to watch out for in 2019, Adam Roa is a transformational artist who is committed to using creative energy to catalyze change on the planet. A modern-day Renaissance man, Adam is constantly creating a variety of artistic projects, including conscious film, music, and spoken word poetry.

His poem "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" was viewed 24 million times in the first 24 hours it was online and has surpassed 145 million views and counting.

Adam supports clients in finding out who they truly are by transmitting frequency through the conscious content he creates, the workshops and performances he leads, and the one-on-one and group coaching programs he facilitates. He combines his business acumen and experience as a personal trainer to help people improve their health and deepen their confidence.

On a quest to discover what it means to be an empowered man, he is known for sharing his journey with radical authenticity on his reality-based YouTube show, The Art of Choosing Love, as well as his podcast, The Deep Dive.

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