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Aimee Leigh, Spiritual teacher, intuitive reader, and energy healer

Aimee Leigh is an international intuitive consultant, spiritual teacher, author, and artist. The founder of Soul Happy, she offers intuitive readings, life coaching, mentorship programs, and online courses and meditations.

For more than 18 years she has offered thousands of clairvoyant readings and taught hundreds of individuals. Her work inspires others to live a connected life, empowering their most radiant and capable self. They do this by developing their inherent intuition and learning to work with energy using meditation, sacred circling, journaling, and soul-full dialog.

Aimee's articles have appeared in Huffington Post, Sacramento Magazine, and YourTango. Her podcast Intuitive offers insights, teachings, and guest interviews.

She holds speaking engagements throughout the year, as well as workshops, programs, and retreats in person and online at Brave Girl University and on her website.

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Personal Growth
Elevate Your Intuition
July 10 - 12, 2020
You hold your own answers. When you nourish a relationship with your intuition, it changes everything—giving you vital insight and access to internal wisdom, clarity, and understanding otherwise not accessible. Join international intuitive reader and energy healer Aimee Leigh as she guides you to develop your intuition and gain the necessary energy skills to expand your spiritual awareness, empowerment, and connection. Empower and inspire yourself with trust and joy—manifesting your future, your purpose, and your deepest desires.

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