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Brian King, Foundation Training master instructor

Brian King is a structural performance therapist, World Record holder, and author of Sit Happens: A Guide to Athletic, Healthy Sitting. He is the developer of the Sit Happens System for Healthy Hips, 6-Directions Rebounding for fascial health, and the Ultravibe Elevation Technique for recovery and connection.

Sit Happens is a ground-based sitting program designed to reeducate your hips and give you a well-rounded set of options for both athletic-style and rest-style sitting. The ability to sit on the ground with natural intelligence is fundamental for true strength and health at every age.

6-Directions Rebounding is designed to help you develop and test your fascial elasticity and full body integration. These are requirements for a healthy spine and healthy, stable joints. Rebounding is a missing link for most people's general athleticism and overall health goals.

The Ultravibe Elevation Technique is a recovery tool and connection process designed to help you build and keep important fascial relationships that are fundamental to a healthy human structure. Without these relationships your body is limited in its ability to be efficient, athletic, and supple.

Brian's World Record was achieved on July 5, 2018. Using only his feet, he juggled an NFL football like a soccer ball 51 times.

His book can be purchased at and supportive videos can be found on YouTube at Ultravibe University.

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