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Bronnie Ware, Author and speaker

Bronnie Ware is the author of the international best-selling memoir The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, translated into 32 languages.

Sitting by the bedsides of the terminally ill for years, Bronnie repeatedly witnessed the pain of dying with regret. Having also lived through years of chronic pain herself from an autoimmune disease, she personally committed to never experiencing such anguish at the end of her own life and developed tools to support her own healing.

She has gone from being unable to walk or function in life to riding a pushbike, jumping on a trampoline, and experiencing things she'd once only dreamed of.

Bronnie now shares her insights and techniques globally, witnessing people's transformation through the power of conscious choice, sacredness of time, and permission for joy. Leading by example, her grounded attitude and sense of humor are celebrated at her live events.

Her other books include Your Year for Change and Bloom: A Tale of Courage, Surrender, and Breaking Through Upper Limits. She speaks and teaches internationally.

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