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Caroline Lee Dewey, LMSW Meditation and holistic wellness expert

Caroline Lee Dewey is a Reiki master, meditation teacher, and integrative JournalSpeak specialist.

In tandem with her formal education, Caroline has trained extensively in various modalities related to mental health, yoga and meditation, and holistic wellness. Her specialties and certifications include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), restructuring, advanced integrative therapy, somatic art, movement therapy, color work, mindfulness, meditation, mediumship, spiritual and psychic healing, and matrix energetics.

Caroline takes a particular interest in subjects related to cultural anthropology, indigenous traditions, comparative religion and spirituality, as well as complementary and alternative medicine.

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Health & Wellness
Freedom from Chronic Pain
April 5 - 10, 2020
Releasing repressed emotions can transform and free you from chronic pain. Guided by expert Nicole Sachs and her assistant teachers, Lisa Schlosberg and Caroline Lee Dewey, your nervous system will shift from fight or flight to rest and repair, alleviating myriad chronic symptoms, syndromes, and conditions and establishing a bedrock foundation for long-lasting wellness. 

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