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Catherine Wigginton Greene, Writer, documentary filmmaker, and anti-racist educator

Catherine Wigginton Greene is a connecter, listener, and guide, deeply committed to raising racial awareness and inspiring action using stories and play-based experiences.

A trained journalist, Catherine currently serves as executive director of content and engagement for Point Made Learning, which provides programs and workshops focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion education. She writes, directs, and produces documentaries and oversees the creation of all the products and programming that accompany Point Made films.

As a filmmaker, she is the director of the feature documentary I'm Not Racist…Am I? which follows a diverse group of teens and their families through a yearlong exploration of race and racism. She developed short educational videos, curricula, discussion guides, and a workshop series to accompany the film so that viewers could connect more deeply with its subject matter.

Most recently, Catherine designed the program Look Deeper: Race, which uses I'm Not Racist…Am I? as the foundation for an interactive, online anti-racism course. Her previous work includes producing the documentary In 500 Words or Less and writing and producing the video series Adopted: We Can Do Better for adoptive families.

Catherine leads workshops and facilitates dialogues about race and racism for schools and organizations nationwide.

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Belonging & Unity
Show Up Summit
October 2 - 4, 2020
Crucial to our shared humanity and the future of society, a long overdue public conversation has finally entered the mainstream. Join Michelle Saahene and Melissa DePino, cofounders of From Privilege to Progress, and a host of celebrated racial justice advocates and influencers in a deep and honest conversation about creating the future we all need—one of equity, inclusion, and justice. Discover and activate the power within you for positive personal transformation and broad societal evolution.

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