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Eva Beronius, Teacher and coach in self-mastery, meditation, and yoga

Eva Beronius is a certified yoga teacher who teaches courses in self-mastery in Sweden and retreats around the world. She brings to her classes the study of different techniques within self-development and emphasizes methods that help remove the layers of programming in the unconscious mind—because this approach works.

In classes, she shares her experiences on how to hack your unconscious beliefs with clarity and compassion. With meditation practices she helps you shift your mind from a narrow focus on thoughts and objects to an open view where broad expansion of consciousness can occur.

Having sufferied from depression, panic attacks and performance anxiety most of her life, Eva found a way to look at the deeper cause and change her being into states of heart-brain coherence, creativity, and joy.

Eva's background is in dance and choreography. She has also worked in management positions within marketing and communication for 15 years.

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Personal Growth
Hacking Unconscious Beliefs That Drive Your Emotions and Behaviors
January 12 - 17, 2020
Ready to unpack and adjust the hidden core beliefs that are fundamental to everything you do? Join with renowned author, happiness coach, and belief systems expert Gary van Warmerdam and self-mastery coach Eva Beronius for a 5-day workshop and learn a systematic approach to uncovering your underlying thoughts and emotions, dismantling layers of the mind that often take years to reveal. Gain a tool kit for identifying and altering those deep, invisible beliefs that have been holding you back.

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