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Glen de los Reyes, Biomechanics, strength, and conditioning specialist

Glen de los Reyes is a strength and conditioning specialist, posture expert, muscle activation technique specialist, motor control restoration specialist, and nutritional therapist.

He has dedicated his career to developing tools that bridge the gap between the rehabilitation and fitness worlds.

With a degree in exercise and sports science, Glen believes that postural alignment, muscle contractibility, proper motor control, and movement pattern development are fundamental to the optimal health of mind and body.

Glen helps facilitate the body to create and coordinate motor control development, providing pain free movement that is immediate and long lasting. He does this by assessing structural and muscular asymmetries, integrating neuromuscular techniques, activating sensory motor control, and orchestrating proper movement progressions relating to fitness or activity.

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Health & Wellness
Yoga for Injury Prevention and Management
May 24 - 29, 2020
Prevent injuries before they begin and stay healthy longer. Join celebrated holistic health and yoga therapist Kari Harendorf and biomechanics specialist Glen de los Reyes to master postural assessment, bodily realignment, and functional movement. Engage your body and mind in a way that protects joints, promotes optimal movement patterns, and prevents inflammation, pain, and injury.

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