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Gregg Levoy, Author, speaker, expert in management and organizational leadership

Gregg Levoy is a lecturer and seminar leader in the fields of business, education, government, faith, and human potential. He has given keynotes and led workshops for numerous businesses and organizations, including Microsoft, American Express, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Smithsonian Institution, the Esalen Institute, and the Omega Institute, and at universities throughout the country.

A former "behavioral specialist" at USA Today, Gregg is a regular blogger for Psychology Today and has written for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Christian Science Monitor, and Reader's Digest, as well as for corporate, promotional, and television projects.

His book Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life was included in the "Top 20 Career Publications" by the Workforce Information Group and is used as a text in various graduate programs in management and organizational leadership. He is also the author of This Business of Writing and Vital Signs: Discovering and Sustaining Your Passion for Life.

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