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Jai Uttal, Grammy-nominated sacred music composer and performer

Jai Uttal is a kirtan artist, multi-instrumentalist, and ecstatic vocalist. He is considered a pioneer in the world music community with his combined influences from India and American rock and jazz. Jai has been leading, teaching, and performing kirtan—the ancient yoga of chanting or singing to God—around the world for close to 50 years, creating a safe environment for people to open their hearts and voices.

He grew up in New York City and lived in a home filled with music. Jai began studying classical piano at the age of seven, and later learned to play old-time banjo, harmonica, and guitar. At age 17, he heard Indian music for the first time, and two years later moved to California and studied under the famous sarod player, Ali Akbar Khan. Jai later began taking regular pilgrimages to India, living among the wandering street musicians of Bengal, and singing with the kirtan wallahs in the temple of his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

He has spent time with many devotees of both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and has emerged as a leading influence in the Bhakti tradition. He considers kirtan to be the core of his musical and spiritual life.

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Personal Growth
Journey of Devotion
March 13 - 15, 2020
Join sacred music artist Jai Uttal and yogini and Odissi dancer Nubia Teixeira and inhabit your innermost peace and power. Surrender, release, and revel in heart-based devotion, guided by the call of the Divine and the source of all love and life. Together, you will combine breath, movement, and sacred sound to usher you into your soul's being through the age-old devotional practice of Bhakti Yoga. Utilize the complete range of your emotions—integrating the fullness of body, heart, and mind—to fuel your reconnection with the sacred, locate the inner healing and wholeness you seek, and awaken every level of your total existence.

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