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Juko Holiday, PhD, E-RYT, C-IAYT Founder of Ease Mountain Yoga and The Care Forest Project

The owner of the vibrant studio Ease Mountain Yoga & Nourishing Arts in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, Dr. Juko Holiday is also the founder and director of The Care Forest Project, a conservation effort focused on increasing human connection.

She is an integrative mental health practitioner, certified yoga therapist, experienced yoga teacher, and a therapeutic yoga specialist in mental health (TYS-MH) and compassionate bereavement care (CBC-Y).

Juko combines her experience as an associate psychotherapist and researcher with yogic, Buddhist, and nature-based therapeutic tools to guide people through the process of transforming obstacles into sources of wisdom, power, and discovery.

A gifted teacher, Juko is a Ronin Institute research scholar working in the disciplines of psychology and ecology, as well as an ordained lay Buddhist in the Soto Zen tradition.

Juko focuses on the use of conscious movement, embodied presence, breath, mindfulness practices, community-building, nature immersions, connection with ancestral wisdom, and guided self-inquiry as healing tools.

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Belonging & Unity
To Bless Our Own Waters
August 21 - 23, 2020
The impact of the unique social and cultural burdens and systemic trauma women of color face requires ample space, support, and practices so we can reconnect deeply with our innate and sacred wholeness. Join celebrated yoga therapist and expert integrative mental health specialist Dr. Juko Holiday at this special retreat for women of color to address themes of trauma, compassion, boundaries, and forgiveness. Embrace the skills and resolution we need to return to our lives tapped into our full resources, inalienable belonging, inherent power, and timeless ancestral knowing.

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