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Julianna Raye, Mindfulness trainer and CEO at Unified Mindfulness

Julianna Raye is CEO, lead content developer, and head trainer at Unified Mindfulness. She is dedicated to disseminating Shinzen Young's comprehensive mindfulness meditation system through the creation and presentation of educational programs and teacher-training certification programs.

Julianna also delivers keynotes and privately coaches executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. She leads group trainings for company leaders aiming to support preventative healthcare and improve their work environment through mindfulness practice. Some of her clients include: Vigor, Case Western Reserve University, Lumosity, Vector Marketing, and Army Research Lab.

With more than 120 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both mindfulness and Rinzai Zen, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal practice herself. Along the way, she has participated in research including a UCLA study comparing long-term meditator's brains with those of non-meditators.

She also designed and led the training for a workplace research study which was carried out under noted mindfulness researcher David Creswell, PhD, from Carnegie Mellon University. That study showed positive outcomes for improved employee well-being and lower stress. Rigorously designed studies are rare in workplace settings and Julianna coauthored two papers detailing the positive outcomes. They were recently published in the peer-reviewed journals Mindfulness and The Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

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