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Kai Wu, Intimacy and relationship coach, somatic sex educator

Kai Wu is a love, sex, and relationship coach, somatic sex educator, and ancestral healing practitioner. Her mission is to support all people so they can find joy, peace, and freedom in their bodies and relationships. "This work is my great love and my form of activism," she says.

Kai is cofounder of Embodiment Arts Collective, a San Francisco-based, multidisciplinary healing arts collective with a sex-affirming and inclusive social justice mission. She is also a senior faculty member of the Ecstatic Living Institute.

Kai helps people find their own voices, strengths, and desires, independent of cultural and societal messages. From this authentic self, we can be confident in who we are and have the satisfying sex and relationships we really want. We can also have the greatest impact-not only on our own lives, but on our communities and the world at large.

Kai was born in South America and spent most of her childhood and young adult life living in different places around the world. She is multilingual and multicultural and, in her practice, she supports people cross-culturally. Some of her specialties include women's issues, male sexual dysfunction, cultural reclamation, and working with people who come from what are considered "traditional" cultures, religions, or backgrounds. Kai is a certified Somatica® practitioner trained in the Somatica Method® of sex therapy and relationship coaching, as well as a certified SkyDancing® Tantra teacher and Sexological bodyworker.

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