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Keith Macpherson, Life and mindfulness coach

Keith Macpherson believes that mindfulness can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet.

As an author, speaker, and leadership coach with a bachelor's degree in education, he has spent more than 20 years presenting globally, improving workplace culture and overall mental health and wellness.

In his book Making Sense of Mindfulness, named a top pick by Elevated Existence magazine, Keith introduces his five-step framework to assist people in comprehending the buzzword mindfulness and how to practically integrate this powerful practice into day-to-day life.

Aside from his work in mental health, Keith is also known for his work as a professional musician, most notably for being a top finalist on the hit television series Canadian Idol.

As a professional speaker, Keith has spent more than 20 years touring globally, including in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.

He is currently a regular columnist for Balance magazine and inspires thousands around the world daily with his intentions on social media.

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Personal Growth
Go with the Flow
June 5 - 7, 2020
Your true path is the one of least resistance and greatest reward. Renowned coaches Summer McStravick and Keith Macpherson guide you in a potent method for attaining your dreams with the art of Flowdreaming®—a simple, precise, and effective approach based on emotional reconditioning and guided daydreaming. Tap into your essential, effortless, and unique flow—your personal energy signature—to rediscover your power, push past resistance, and fine-tune your purpose.

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