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Keith Mitchell, Author, wellness and yoga expert

Keith Mitchell, a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, is now a respected master-certified yoga instructor with more than a decade of experience.

Keith was at the top of his professional game when he ascended into the 2000 NFL Pro Bowl, but his football career ended abruptly after being confronted with a crippling spinal injury during a game in 2003, resulting in an unwelcome early retirement at the young age of thirty-one.

Unwilling to surrender to the depression and physical defeat he observed in many NFL peers facing similar traumas, he channeled his energy into the practice of yoga and meditation. He discovered, to his surprise, that these two daily practices not only helped him physically recover from his injury but created a refreshing sense of self-awareness and fulfillment which surpassed his love for football.

Keith's passionate philosophy encourages students to become liberated from the inside out beginning with the mind. He is committed to inspiring self-empowerment transformations in the lives of millions through his movement, which now reaches multicultural fans beyond the confines of traditional yoga studios.

He supports many philanthropic initiatives, include mental health awareness, caring for veterans, injury prevention for athletes, and youth-obesity prevention.

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