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Kyle Gray, Angel expert and author

Kyle Gray is one of the United Kingdom's youngest angel experts. At four years old he communed with his deceased grandmother and has been guided ever since by a strong angelic connection to develop his intuitive gifts. Kyle's sharp wit, need for truth, and desire to shed light upon the more complex spiritual subjects make him one of the most sought-after experts within his field.

As an extension of his spiritual journey, Kyle has completed yoga trainings with Brian Cooper and Ana Forrest. He embarked on two trips to India to further his study and practice, attended KPJAYI (Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) in Mysore where he studied with Saraswathi Jois, and has studied vinyasa and Kriya yoga.

Kyle is the international author of six books, including Raise Your Vibration and Angel Prayers, and cocreator of three oracle decks, including Angels and Ancestors. He presents globally at such venues as the I Can Do It! conferences, Mind Body Spirit Festival, and the OM Yoga Show, as well as at organizations to foster energy awareness in the workplace toward teamwork, harmony, and success.

A proud Yoga and Meditation Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, Kyle received the 2016 Kindred Spirit magazine's Mind Body Spirit Personality of the Year award. He is the host and creator of the Angel Club, a regular meeting that occurs in Glasgow, Scotland, and Hamburg, Germany, and weekly via Hay House Radio.

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