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Lizzy Benson, Intimacy facilitator and yoga teacher

Lizzy Benson came to yoga in college, after she began to experience emotional stress and physical limitations. What began with an asana practice blossomed into a greater awareness of physical self-care through alignment, strength, and flexibility.

Invigorated by the practice, she discovered meditation and pranayama, which has helped her make conscious decisions to explore her growing passion and curiosity.

Lizzy's path of personal healing has taken her up and down the west coast and into Central America to study various modalities of the healing arts and yoga.

As a yoga teacher, she is highly influenced by nature and her own experiences of healing. Lizzy invites students and clients to discover their true roots and to connect with their hearts to tap into their authentic truths on and off the mat. She cofacilitates mother-daughter workshops with her mother, intimacy expert Theresa Vargo.

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