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Mags Baker, Digital CEO and founder of Rebel Mom

Mags Baker is known as the Rebel Mom for her ability to outsmart mom guilt and disrupt the "shoulds" of motherhood. Through her own powerful journey of self-realization and liberation, Mags went from stressed out and kind of sad to confident and full of ease (even with a toddler!).

Now, she inspires womxn to find their version of motherhood by thinking outside the outdated constructs and limiting beliefs of what a mother should be and guiding them through their own unique and beautiful transformation with the simple and straight forward Rebel Mom Method.

Mags lives communally with her sister as a power duo helping womxn create their own system instead of trying to fit into the system created by centuries of the patriarchy. Their show What Wouldja Do is both an Instagram TV hit and is sweeping tech companies, yoga festivals, and global leaders conferences with high impact, hilarious advice for powerful womxn.

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