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Nancy Hillis, MD Artist, author, and psychiatrist

Nancy Hillis is an abstract artist, Stanford-trained psychiatrist, and author of the best-selling book The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity.

The founder of The Artist's Journey courses, Nancy guides artists to create their deepest, most authentic art. Her signature approach combines art and psychiatry, and with it she's helped thousands of artists transform their work from the inside out. She operates from the conviction that artistic creation has as much to do with psychology as it does with paint and canvas.

Nancy studied under renowned psychiatrist, Irvin Yalom, MD, at Stanford University and has been featured in Inc. magazine, the New York Observer, The Expert Called You, and the Lit from Within Show. Her course, Activating the Canvas, was named one of the top online art courses of 2019 by

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Personal Growth
The Artist’s Journey
October 20 - 25, 2019
Making art mirrors our essential process of being alive—making a life and a self that is rooted in our highest vision and core values. Join best-selling author of <i>The Artist’s Journey</i> and Stanford-trained psychiatrist, Nancy Hillis, as she guides you to deep exploration and experimentation in the practice of abstract art. Creating art requires courage, patience, and persistence. Self-expression is the beating heart of being human. Examine the inner dialogue and landscape that shape your art, and root yourself in the well of creativity that is the essence of life.

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