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Parashakti Sigalit, Mover, shaker, founder of Dance of Liberation

Parashakti is the founder and creator of Dance of Liberation® (DOL), a method of movement therapy and deep process work that draws on shamanic traditions to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual integration.

A devoted student of dance and yoga, Parashakti has facilitated workshops, trainings, and retreats for more than two decades. She has brought DOL from Los Angeles, New York, and Guatemala to Indonesia, Israel, and Greece, and has adapted DOL's teachings as a modality for recovery from addiction, PTSD, and disordered eating.

The developer of SoulHealing™, Parashakti also helps people discover their soul's deeper meanings and life mission through private intuitive healing sessions. She is both the subject and co-producer of the full-length documentary Dance of Liberation, which premiered at the Sedona Film Festival and was acquired for distribution through FMTV. She has been featured on television, as well as in LA Yoga magazine, Newsweek, Time Out New York, and the Jerusalem Post.

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