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Radleigh Valentine, Spiritual teacher, ambassador of magic

From the time he was five and his guardian angel woke him to warn him that the house across the street was on fire, angels have been Radleigh Valentine's first love. The ability to recognize and tune in to divine guidance eventually led him to leave behind a successful career in finance and to stretch his spiritual wings as a sensitive and sought-after intuitive and medium.

Since 2012, Radleigh has been inspiring audiences in 10 countries and lighting up social media, bringing angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support. A popular and respected spiritual teacher and delightfully entertaining and engaging speaker, he has appeared at more than 100 events, including regular appearances at the Angel World Summit in London, Engelkongress in Germany and Austria, and more than 12 Hay House I Can Do It events.

After studying and using tarot for over 30 years and recognizing the often-fearful responses to some of traditional tarot's stark or troubling imagery, Radleigh made it part of his life's work to create a kinder, gentler tarot for the 21st century. He created the phenomenally popular newsletter RadScopes, blending tarot with astrology, and has authored six card decks, including the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards. Meanwhile, his books, How to Be Your Own Genie and Compendium of Magical Things, offer a lifetime of practical but exhilarating lessons about how to manifest a magical life.

In his weekly Hay House Radio show, Magical Things, and in the popular streaming video show Ask Rad!, on Facebook and Instagram, he enchants audiences with the message that each and every one of our lives is magic.

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