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Ralph Butcher, MS, LMFT Expert couples therapist and consultant

With more than 20 years of experience, Ralph Butcher is a licensed couples therapist, Certified Imago Therapist, workshop presenter, and clinical consultant for therapists. He has lectured across the United States and Europe and produces relationship videos and eLearning courses online.

He has presented the Getting the Love You Want couples workshop for more than 10 years and, having witnessed the profound transformative impact of this approach, his commitment and passion for this work is only increasing.

Ralph draws on real-life experiences to enhance his couples counseling and enliven his workshops. In an environment of relaxed safety, Ralph helps couples develop insight into what fuels their frustrating relationship patterns.

Ralph believes that when you're scared you can't think—and when you laugh, you're not scared. He believes that the real change happens best when that insight is combined with action. Ten years of stage acting helps him infuse workshops with energy and humor, while working in more than 20 countries has sharpened his cultural awareness and fluency.

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