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Rick Roberts, Meditation expert, cofounder of Zentangle®

Rick Roberts is cofounder of Zentangle and co-developer of the Zentangle Method. His former vocations include cab driver, musician, photographer, printer, and flute maker. He also lived as a monk for 17 years.

He founded Zentangle with Maria Thomas based on her explanation of her experience as she drew background patterns on a manuscript. She described feelings of timelessness, freedom, well-being, and complete focus on what she was doing with no thought or worry about anything else. After Rick told her she was describing meditation, together they wondered if they could create a simple system so others might enjoy a similar experience. And so began the journey towards discovering the elegant system called the Zentangle Method.

Together Rick and Maria lead workshops, and through their Zentangle certification program they share the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing so students will have all the knowledge needed to teach the Zentangle Method.

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Personal Growth
Zentangle® Method
October 4 - 7, 2020
Like life itself, the Zentangle Method is not just black and white, but also the shades of gray in between. Take your practice to the next level with the Zentangle founding family—Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas, Molly Hollibaugh, and Martha Huggins—in a dynamically challenging, yet completely supportive, course of guided and focused tangling. Tap into your deepest innate creativity in this invigorating 3-day workshop, veer off the predictable path, discover the dimensions between black and white, and explore beyond the ink into your full imaginative capacity.

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