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Robert Peng, Qigong master and healer

Robert Peng, born and raised in Hunan, China, is a world-renowned qigong master and healer. He began studying this ancient Chinese art of wisdom, love, and vitality at the age of eight under the legendary monk Xiao Yao.

At age 15, Robert performed a 100-day water fast at a secluded monastery in the mountains of the Hunan province and underwent a profound spiritual transformation. He began teaching at the age of 29 and has helped hundreds of thousands find peace, health, happiness, and creativity through qigong.

Robert's approach is uniquely accessible across cultures and walks of life while still conveying the true essence of the art and practice.

Robert is a regular presenter at several organizations and centers, including the Omega Institute and the Integrative Healthcare Symposium. He is creator of numerous DVDs, such as Qigong Ecstasy, AM/PM Qigong, and the series The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom.

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