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Saul David Raye, Healer, teacher, and spiritual activist

Saul David Raye is a teacher, healer, musician, and spiritual activist. He has been practicing and teaching for over 25 years, primarily influenced by his studies of hatha yoga, Ayurveda, bhakti, Tantra, Thai massage, Pranic Healing, shamanism, and indigenous practices.

Saul brings alive the ancient wisdom teachings for modern seekers and creates a safe space for students to connect deeply with their own authentic power, spirit, and truth.

Saul's authentic and heart-centered teaching has influenced many students and teachers around the world. For over 20 years he has taught at conferences, festivals, and retreats both in the United States and abroad and has presented alongside many luminaries in the spiritual world.

As an artist, he recorded an album of world mantra music (10,000 Suns: Music for Healing, Peace & Awakening) with two songs that have gone to number three and number four on the iTunes world music charts.

He has chanted at many yoga centers and festivals and continues to share his work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred journeys and retreats, and sacred music.

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