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Scott Schwenk, Master coach, meditation teacher

Born with intense empathy and clairaudience (intuitive hearing), master coach and meditation teacher Scott Schwenk sought understanding and freedom at every turn.

Having spent several years studying in a Hindu-Tantric monastery in his mid-twenties, Scott has cultivated a number of long apprenticeships in leadership development, Tantric meditation/philosophy, spiritual awakening, Vedic ritual, and later-stage adult ego development.

In the private sector, the bulk of Scott's work is private coaching of worldwide clients in Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up. He teaches weekly meditation classes for Unplug Meditation and Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, as well as at Wanderlust Festivals around the world.

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Health & Wellness
Alchemy of the Heart
February 9 - 14, 2020
Love is the whole story. Embodying it fully is both path and practice. Join master coach and meditation teacher Scott Schwenk for a dynamic 5-day meditation retreat exploring the terrain of joy, freedom, and highly creative flow-states both in the midst of deep meditation practice and ordinary life. Explore what it means to go deeper in meditation and expand intuitive insight about your own practices and development.

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