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Susan Olesek,

Susan Olesek is an unapologetic idealist, a "Human Potentialist" and social entrepreneur in pursuit of what's possible for all people when they get to know themselves. Born outside of Boston, Susan was schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and England, and obtained a B.A. in sociology from Occidental College. She is certified by two Enneagram training schools: The Narrative Enneagram and Enneagram Institute.

In 2009, shortly after her first Enneagarm Teacher certification, Susan was invited to a small Texas prison to teach the Enneagram to 100 incarcerated men in an entrepreneurship program. She witnessed profound changes in the men and their inspiring ability to articulate insights. This immensely practical use of the Enneagram system inspired Susan and changed the trajectory of her personal and professional life forever.

In 2012 she founded Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) in order to bring this self-awareness training tool to more of the population that seemed to need it the most. Today, Enneagram Prison Project is a burgeoning, paradigm-shifting model of self-awareness education for the incarcerated spreading across the globe.

Susan lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her three children and her husband, Rick, EPP's Executive Director and her "steady Seven."

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