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Leaf Crafting Workshop for Ghost Tike: A Collective Memorial


Join artist Caito Stewart in hand-crafting leaves for her collective memorial project. It's an easy, creative way to connect with others, share your grief, and remember your loved ones.
When COVID caused the world to shut down, visual artist Caito Stewart had already embarked on her ambitious project to hand-make thousands of Japanese maple leaves out of paper and paint. Her ongoing art installation, Ghost Tike, began as an alternative way to remember her late younger brother. As the project grew and the pile of leaves grew, it became a testament to the ongoing nature of grief.
Caito soon recognized a need for more virtual or remote opportunities that fostered connection and solace and began inviting others to join her in this calming, alternative ritual.
In this workshop, you will first get a glimpse into her process, and then join Caito in making leaves in honor of those we have lost. Since we'll focus on the meaning and intention behind this meditative activity, no artistic skill or experience is needed. You can use simple supplies found around your house.
Thursday, February 18, 2021
3:00 - 4:15 PM PST
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