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Join 1440 Faculty Dr. Jeremy Hunter as he discusses what are the essential skills we need to thrive and to lead as we face the unique challenges of the current environment? These unusual and unprecedented times, we are faced with a great deal of uncertainty and complexity in both our professional and personal lives.
Dr. Jeremy Hunter developed one of the first mindfulness-based approaches to personal mastery for executives after researching prominent, successful professionals who were dedicated to practicing mindfulness. He found that a sustained practice of internal self-management was the source of both professional effectiveness and positive personal transformation. However, the inner world of the executive remained largely neglected in corporate settings or business schools. Furthermore, Dr. Hunter developed his own practice of self-mastery while living 17 years with an incurable terminal illness. In this series kick-off, we will discuss why the practice of personal mastery is so foundational, and explore how our internal experiences and processes have a direct impact on our external actions, behavior, and performance. We will learn how the brain and the nervous system function and learn tools to effectively enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-transformation

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Dr. Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy is the founding director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Drucker School of Management of Claremont Graduate University, which is dedicated to helping leaders thrive by developing their capacity for sustainable and effective action. He has been voted Faculty of the Year 8 times by students and when faced with life-saving surgery 13 former students came forward as organ donors. He is also co-founder and partner at Transform LLC in Tokyo. Jeremy received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, under the direction of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Dr. Jeremy Hunter
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