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Wonder Well
Our Fragile Existence


Groups and individuals who visit 1440 experience time differently, exploring important global issues that matter to the greater good while surrounded by mountain air and towering ancient redwoods. 1440 Multiversity meticulously curates experiences that connect people while allowing them to discover new approaches for how to live, lead, love, work, and wonder.
The HATCH Global Living Room is converting curated conversations to collaborations and action. It is times like these that remind us why we build communities and networks. The Covid Pandemic, and social distancing have inspired innovators from across the globe to reinvent digital spaces and how we engage with them. HATCH is excited to create a space where the inspired can come together to connect, collaborate, and work towards accelerating solutions for good.
Join Hatch Global living room for a discussion with Michelle Thaller NASA astronomer/scientist and head of communications for Goddard Flight Center, discussing our meaning in this vast universe.
The weekly Global Living Room sessions are a medley of diverse insights by astronauts, scientists, technologists, CEOs, artists, poets, and extraordinary humans from multiple countries around the world. It's a time of collective sense-making, working to understand inflection points, reframe challenges, and identify opportunities to create real solutions.
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Michelle Thaller, NASA

Michelle Thaller is an American astronomer and research scientist. Thaller is the assistant director for Science Communication at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

From 1998 to 2009 she was a staff scientist at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, and later Manager of the Education and Public Outreach program for the Spitzer Space Telescope, at the California Institute of Technology. She is a frequent on-camera contributor to programming on The History Channel and Science Channel.

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