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Groups and individuals who visit 1440 experience time differently, exploring important global issues that matter to the greater good while surrounded by mountain air and towering ancient redwoods. 1440 Multiversity meticulously curates experiences that connect people while allowing them to discover new approaches for how to live, lead, love, work, and wonder.
The HATCH Global Living Room is converting curated conversations to collaborations and action. It is times like these that remind us why we build communities and networks. The Covid Pandemic, and social distancing have inspired innovators from across the globe to reinvent digital spaces and how we engage with them. HATCH is excited to create a space where the inspired can come together to connect, collaborate, and work towards accelerating solutions for good.
Join Hatch Global living room for a discussion with John Kania where he will present and lead a discussion around the Six Conditions of Systems Change, Systemic Solutions Initiatives, and ways to SHIFT the conditions that hold a problem in place. Systems change addresses the root causes of social problems. Often intractable and embedded in networks of cause and effect. It is a process designed to fundamentally alter the structures that cause the system to behave in a certain way.
The weekly Global Living Room sessions are a medley of diverse insights by astronauts, scientists, technologists, CEOs, artists, poets, and extraordinary humans from multiple countries around the world.
It's a time of collective sense-making, working to understand inflection points, reframe challenges, and identify opportunities to create real solutions.
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John Kania

John Kania helps catalyze growth and impact of social ventures through systems change. John is a preeminent nonprofit and corporate consultant, collective impact expert, and author of several highly-regarded books and articles on social change.

Most recently John was Global Managing Director at FSG, a non-profit consulting firm supporting leaders in achieving large-scale lasting social change. As Global Managing Director at FSG, John led the firm for 18 years, working with clients in a variety of sectors including education, health care, global development, community development, and the environment. John combines practical advice with unconventional thinking to create a more equitable and sustainable future. He also speaks and writes extensively on accelerating social impact and systems change.

John is co-author of the book, Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World. He is also one of Stanford Social Innovation Review's most frequently published authors, with recent articles: Collective Impact (2011), Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World, and The Dawn of System Leadership. John recently released a new article, The Water of Systems Change, which helps practitioners to identify the highest leverage points in creating change within their system.

Prior to joining FSG, John was a partner at both Mercer Management Consulting and Corporate Decisions, Inc. (CDI) consulting to corporations on strategy. He began his career as an advertising executive with Leo Burnett Company.


John Kania
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