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The timing couldn't be more urgent to energize a new era of authentic leaders to create positive change in the world. 
The Leadership Center

As we've all experienced, to be better, to step up to new challenges, and to make impactful decisions we have to know where we stand, what our values are, how to empower those around us, and how to elevate and manage our energy for the marathon that it takes to drive real change.

The current problems we face together; the pandemic, racism, inequities, failed leadership, environmental disasters, and increased violence are signals that we've got to act and take better care of each other at home, in our communities, and places of work. Be a leader of solution, join us for True North Leadership October 17-22, 2021 and help create a better world.

The Program

The Program

During the 5 days, we'll explore the qualities of successful authentic leaders and uncover the unique characteristics that comprise your authentic leadership.
  • Over the 5 days you’ll learn to:
    • Lead with integrity and heart through difficult and pressure-filled challenges
    • Understand the impact of your life story and crucibles on your leadership style
    • Deepen your emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy
    • Increase innovation, productivity and well-being through mindful leadership practices
    • Empower teams and create energy through trust and authenticity
    • Create lasting value by aligning people around the mission and values of your organization
    • Become an authentic leader by understanding your leadership purpose
    • Create work/home balance to lead a fully integrated life
  • The faculty includes:
    • Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, former chairman and CEO of Medtronic
    • Scott Kriens, Founder 1440 Multiversity and former CEO of Juniper Networks
    • Dana Born, Senior Executive Fellows at Harvard Kennedy School, Lecturer in Public Policy, Retired U.S. Air Force General
    • Michelle Maldonado, Founder, CEO Lucenscia - Human Potential & Mindful Business Transformation
    • Gayle Ober, President George Family Foundation, expert on nonprofit leadership and development
  • Who attends True North:
    • Mid-Career Professionals: Discover your True North and maximize the impact of your leadership to create positive change.
    • Emerging Senior Leaders: Enhance your leadership capability to unite others around your organization's mission, vision and values.
    • Teams and Organizations: Develop empowered leaders at all levels and the possibilities and unlimited!

    Participants are from across sectors; corporate, nonprofit, academia, healthcare, arts, services, government, and military.

  • Prepare for a unique experience:
    • Learn together with a diverse group of program participants
    • Get to know our faculty; some of the brightest minds in leadership and mindfulness
    • Attend indoor and outdoor classes, wellness sessions, and small leadership circles
    • Practice daily yoga and tai chi to support your health & wellness
    • Enjoy the faculty and other participants at breaks and social gatherings
    • Leave prepared to implement your Leadership Development Plan
    • Make new mutually supportive friendships that can last a lifetime
  • "Incredibly valuable! I've taken a lot of improvement/educational courses over time, and this is by far the best one."
  • "While most institutions focus on professional development, 1440 and True North are focused on personal development. It equips you to transform others through self." 
  • "I learned more at this course than I have from any other course in a long time. It forced me to address my lack of an integrated life."
  • "1440 is amazing. Beautiful place. Amazing food. The location absolutely makes the learning process richer."
  • "True North Leadership has provided me with the tools for turning perceived weaknesses into personal strengths." 
  • "The program really pushed me to make a personal and professional changes and gave me tactics to do so that align more with who I am and that for which I stand. It also gave me a turbo boost for courage."
  • "It furthered my understanding of what it means to be authentic. Better yet, I had the ability to do it in my Leadership Circle. I was able to practice it!"
  • "TN is one of the most empowering and inspirational experiences of my life."
  • "The curriculum and the exercises and the dialogue with faculty and other attendees was enlightening for me. I came away with a much stronger understanding and appreciation for my intentions and goals."
  • "This program potentially saved my life. I was in the grind and stepping back has been an enlightening experience."
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The program