1440 Multiversity has temporarily suspended on-campus program operations in compliance with social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. In the interim, we are pleased to support the County of Santa Cruz, Office of Emergency Services by providing meals to local shelters and establishing our campus as an Alternate Care Site in response to the need for statewide resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to reopening when all mandates are lifted and we are advised it is safe to do so. Until then, we invite you to stay connected with us at 1440.tv to access webinars, 1440 Signature Classes, and other content you may find useful to your personal health and well-being during this difficult time.

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1440 Multiversity Online Learning More Screen Time, Less Tree Time (Just for Now)

For the next few weeks, we invite you to explore your curiosity, educational pursuits, and personal growth opportunities with 1440 Multiversity Online Learning, our new digital platform. Participate in webinars with esteemed faculty, watch short videos ranging from meditation to movement to culinary, and more. Being mindful, heart-full, and balanced can help us thrive in times of concern and uncertainty. Breathe deep, embody gratitude, and feel inspired in the precious 1440 minutes we all have each day - now with more screen time and (temporarily) less tree time. Visit 1440.tv to learn more.

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Find Your Focus Upcoming Programs

Personal Growth
MBSR Tools
January 31 - February 5, 2021
MBSR Tools
Expanding rapidly and globally across healthcare, education, business, and personal lives, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is credited with starting the mindfulness movement. Join physician and expert mindfulness teacher Dr. Christiane Wolf for an in-depth exploration of the core practices of MBSR. Whether new to meditation, deepening your practice, or serving the healthcare needs of others—gain evidence-based, effective techniques necessary to improve total emotional and physical well-being.
Christiane WolfAbout Christiane Wolf Christiane Wolf
Health & Wellness
Taking Refuge
January 8 - 10, 2021
Taking Refuge
What is refuge? What does it mean to take refuge? Is it a state of being? Or is it running away? These are some of the questions posed by Dr. Judith Hanson Lasater, one of the most influential yoga teachers in the United States and the founder of <i>Yoga Journal</i>. In this weekend retreat, Dr. Lasater explores the topic of refuge through the lens of yogic practice and spiritual traditions. As human beings we are often in need of true safe space in what feels like a threatening world. Take a break, recalibrate, and embrace, enjoy, and embody your own Sweet Refuge.
Judith Hanson LasaterAbout Judith Hanson Lasater Judith Hanson Lasater
  • 1440 Multiversity Room With King Size Bed For Staying
  • 1440 Multiversity Room With Gallery View
  • Room With Double Bed For Accomodation at 1440 Multiversity

Private & Shared Rooms Rest, Relax and Reflect

1440 is not a hotel or resort. Rather it evokes the feeling of stepping onto a small private college campus, including dormitory-style accommodations. You can relax and renew in our private rooms and suites, however, the majority of our accommodations are designed to be shared with minimalist design and the freedom from distracting devices such as TVs and telephones.

Our modern sleeping pods offer social interaction and the most affordable accommodations for those traveling on a budget. All accommodations include instructor led wellness classes, three healthy daily meals in Kitchen Table that always include vegan foods, use of the Fitness Center and infinity-edge hot tub in the Healing Arts center, and access to four miles of nature trails surrounded by towering redwoods.

Meeting at 1440 Multiversity


Inspired Meetings

From inspired gatherings to immersion conferences to overnight retreats, enjoy educational and team-building activities spark deeper conversations and creativity for your organization to flourish.  
Dining At 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley


Local, Organic Cuisine

Nourish body and spirit with fresh, local cuisine that reflects 1440's commitment to healthy and sustainable dining experiences. Enjoy seasonal, plant-based foods and organic meats and seafood sourced locally at Kitchen Table.



Healing Spa at Learning center in Scotts Valley

Spa & Healing Arts

Renew and Restore

Restore and renew with holistic spa treatments, from a brightening facial to a detox massage. Spa therapies promote relaxation, natural healing and restorative sleep so you are energized for your next learning experience.

Guest ReviewsA Nourishing, Healing Place

"Driving into 1440 is a feast for the senses and staying here is always a delight. From the food to the spa to the beauty of the land, everything is impeccably held and executed. Whether you are going for personal rejuvenation or want to partake in one of 1440's programs, you will be inspired and leave renewed."
Sherpa, Santa Fe, NM

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Traveler’s Insights

How did 1440 Multiversity get its name?
How did 1440 Multiversity get its name?
1440 represents the number of minutes in a day—a principle of sorts that affords each of us 1440 opportunities to be more aware and mindful of how we are spending our time and the development of a greater awareness of ourselves and our relationships with others. Multiversity represents the "multitude" of doors or pathways one can choose from to learn and grow on their journey to self-discovery and human design. Learn More About How did 1440 Multiversity get its name?
Can locals or visitors enjoy 1440's campus facilities and trails?
Can locals or visitors enjoy 1440's campus facilities and trails?
While we occasionally offer events and programs for locals, the 1440 campus is a private retreat with tours, trails and amenities only for registered guests. 1440 strictly abides by this policy and enforces criminal trespass laws, which can lead to penalties of up to six months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.00 Learn More About Can locals or visitors enjoy 1440's campus facilities and trails?
Why do I have to wear my registration badge?
Why do I have to wear my registration badge?
1440 is a private campus and your registration badge is made exclusively for you containing your name, dates of your stay and the program you are registered in. Based on the 501c3 status of 1440 Multiversity as a learning destination, we are legally required to only serve guests that are registered to learn on our campus.

The staff is expected to ask guests to identify themselves by wearing the badge provided to them upon arrival at The Lodge when entering classrooms, the community dining hall, signature classes, retail outlets, healing arts, or any other public space on campus.

Guests must display their registration badges at all times and present them to staff before being served or granted access to the private grounds of 1440. You will be asked for your badge so please wear it at all times.
1440 strictly abides by this policy and enforces criminal trespass laws as outlined in California Penal Code 602 PC which can lead to penalties of up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.00
Learn More About Why do I have to wear my registration badge?
Can I book a private room for my stay at 1440?
Can I book a private room for my stay at 1440?
Yes, all guests have the option of booking a private room at a premium price based on a first-come basis when available. However, please select carefully since not all private rooms have private bathrooms. You can book a private room by reserving online or by calling 1-844-544-1440 (option 1). If you have a traveling companion you wish to share with, you must call to book such reservations over the phone as our website only allows for individual reservations. To book for more than one person sharing the same room, please call our reservations line: 1-844-544-1440. Learn More About Can I book a private room for my stay at 1440?
What are the daily hours of the Spa and Healing Arts center?
What are the daily hours of the Spa and Healing Arts center?
The Spa and Healing Arts center is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily and accessible to registered guests only. Based on demand, locker rooms and steam rooms are only available to guests with reserved treatments on the weekends. Learn More About What are the daily hours of the Spa and Healing Arts center?
1440 Multiversity Map
1440 Multiversity Learning center in Scotts Valley

A Bay Area Retreat for Life Learning

Retreat to our peaceful haven in the redwoods of Scotts Valley, California, in the mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz. Explore nearby coastal towns, Pacific beaches, or Sonoma and Napa Valley wineries, or discover our beautiful wooded campus with indoor and outdoor art installations from ancient fossils to murals and sculptures placed throughout the 75 acres.