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Core Values

Foundations of Our Brand

1440 Multiversity is a vital organization to the world known for pioneering the art of deep hospitality ("a genuine love for strangers") starting in our own backyard.  Our mission, goals, and culture principles guide our actions in each of the 1440 minutes we are all granted each day.  These fundamental beliefs are shared through a like-heartedness that exudes through all 1440 family members.


Creating hope for living well


A learning destination where energy, discovery and creativity flourish

Learning Pillars

  • • Live Well
  • • Lead Well
  • • Love Well
  • • Work Well
  • • Wonder Well

Culture Principles

  • 1. Have and host conversations that matter and embrace the human struggle. It is our collective responsibility to make things better one relationship and one resilient act at a time.
  • 2. The three stages of authentic service must be used in each interaction to properly build a solid foundation of trust in the relationships we establish with our guests and each other: 1) Provide a Genuine Greeting 2) Be First to Offer 3) Engage in a Fond Farewell
  • 3. Be a 1440 expert and share the unique stories and locations of our campus. We engage others with our knowledge of architecture, flora, fauna, 1440 signature experiences and programming to create positive energy and learning experiences for all who visit us.
  • 4. To provide the finest facilities and service, we are all responsible for identifying opportunities to improve. Share your ideas to eliminate mistakes, reduce inefficiencies, elevate the guest experience and find ways to make us better at our craft.
  • 5. Action is key. Always finish what you start and keep your promises.
  • 6. Be sincere, mindful and always serve from the heart in a timely manner. We will be sensitive of our surroundings and always adjust our services and approach to the needs and desires of our guests and one another with “yes” in mind.
  • 7. Practice deep hospitality and appreciate the love of strangers. Personalize all products and services whenever possible to create unique and memorable experiences. Gather, record and share individual preferences of those we serve to sincerely surprise and delight them.
  • 8. Escort guests to their desired location on campus (never point) or until they make visual contact with their destination. Offer to assist with luggage or carrying items for them and engage in appropriate conversation along the way.
  • 9. When a guest encounters a difficulty, own the problem until it is resolved. Listen deeply to their needs and empathize with them. We are all empowered to resolve any problem to the guest’s complete satisfaction.
  • 10. We are all responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of our grounds, assets and work environment. Maintain the grandeur of our campus and ensure all areas are immaculate. Report any imperfection that you cannot personally correct.
  • 11. Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Report unsafe conditions or security concerns immediately and know your role in fire and emergency situations. If you see something unusual, say something immediately.
  • 12. The journey of growth and discovery starts with us. To authentically lead a more balanced and integrated life we will participate in our 1440 learning development programs and embody the invitation we are making to our guests to become more fully alive.
  • 13. Take pride in your personal appearance. Follow our grooming standards to ensure we always convey a warm, inviting and professional image. Always practice appropriate etiquette and be mindful that elegance without warmth is arrogance.
  • 14. Love! We are a rich diverse community of deep hospitality professionals who respectfully engage and treat one another with dignity and respect. We will accomplish our mission by energizing and inspiring each other every day.