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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
How did 1440 Multiversity get its name? 1440 represents the number of minutes in a day—a principle of sorts that affords each of us 1440 opportunities to be more aware and mindful of how we are spending our time and the development of a greater awareness of ourselves and our relationships with others. Multiversity represents the "multitude" of doors or pathways one can choose from to learn and grow on their journey to self-discovery and human design.
What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us. Whenever you bring awareness to what you are directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions, you are being mindful. Growing research shows that when you train your brain to be mindful, you are transforming the physical structure of your brain.
1440 Luminary Faculty Definitions of Mindfulness:

SYLVIA BOORSTEIN — "Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn't more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it."
DAN SIEGEL— "Mindfulness in its most general sense is about waking up from a life on automatic and being sensitive to novelty in our everyday experiences. With mindful awareness the flow of energy and information that is our mind enters our conscious attention and we can both appreciate its contents and come to regulate its flow in a new way.

JON KABAT-ZINN — "Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally."

SHARON SALZBERG — "Mindfulness isn't just about knowing that you're hearing something, seeing something, or even observing that you're having a particular feeling. It's about doing so in a certain way—with balance and equanimity, and without judgment. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in a way that creates space for insight."
What is the difference between wellness and well-being? Wellness is more closely associated with health and prevention, while well-being is related to one's overall happiness. While most of us use the terms well-being and wellness interchangeably, there is a distinctive difference. Well-being refers to a more holistic, whole of life experience, whereas wellness refers to physical health. Well-being is a good feeling condition of existence. A state characterized by your health, happiness, and prosperity. Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, as a result of deliberate effort. At 1440 we foster both.
What is the difference between a shared vs. paired accommodation? Guests who elect shared accommodations may be paired with a stranger unless you know who you wish your roommate to be at the time of booking. However, guests who are traveling alone that elect a shared accommodation will be paired by 1440 randomly with a gender-specific roommate. In either case, each guest of a shared room is required to register themselves independently as all pricing at 1440 is on a per-person basis. Additionally, all guests who stay at 1440 must be registered to learn; therefore, there are no options for anyone to share a room with you without being registered and paying the mandatory per-person package price.

All paired guests will eventually meet their respective roommate upon each person's arrival to 1440. In most cases, whether sharing with someone you know or being paired with someone you don't know, shared accommodations and paired guests utilize a community hall (dorm-style) bathroom located in their assigned building.
What are shared accommodation? Aren't all rooms private? 1440 is not a hotel, and as an inclusionary learning destination we offer non-traditional housing options that include the ability to share accommodations with another program goer - essentially lowering the overall cost of the program package by agreeing to share a room with up to seven potential roommates (in our Pods) and utilizing a community hall bathroom. For those that prefer, a traditional private room is available, some of which include in-room private bathrooms. When registering for your program, be sure to select the room option you prefer.
What is a shared hall bath? Most of the accommodations at 1440 are energy efficient and designed without bathrooms in the guest rooms to make the campus more affordable for everyone. As a result, community bathrooms (think college dormitory or European hostel) are available for use by guests who book shared accommodations. This means leaving your room and walking down the hall of your building to the nearest gender-appropriate facility to use the bathroom or shower. For those that prefer convenience and complete privacy, 1440 recommends you book a private room that has its own private bathroom.
What is a commuter? Commuters are students who pay for the entire package to attend the full program, including all meals, but are not provided with overnight accommodations. You will need to arrange and pay for your own accommodations offsite and only certain programs offer commuter options—generally once campus housing is full.
Can I bring my pet or service animal to 1440?
  • 1440 follows California law which allows persons with disabilities to bring trained service dogs and psychiatric service dogs to campus. The protections discussed previously do not apply to emotional support animals. California law, like federal law, doesn't require that emotional support animals or family pets be allowed in public places.
  • Individuals who have service animals are not exempt from and must comply with local city animal control and public health requirements, so please be sure your service animal meets all vaccination requirements and is properly registered and licensed.
  • In California, an assistive animal means a trained animal that is necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability and includes guide dogs, signal dogs, service dogs, and psychiatric service dogs. Only a dog that is trained to recognize and respond to an individual's disability-related need for assistance can be considered a service dog.
  • California law allows business owners to require that an assistive animal be (i) free from offensive odors and displays appropriate habits (for example, is potty-trained) and (ii) does not engage in behavior that endangers the health or safety of the individual with a disability or others around them.
  • Since the ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness, it may not be obvious to the 1440 staff that your dog is a service animal. In such cases, we have the legal right to ask you the following two specific questions in support of your well-being:
    • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
    • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?
  • As the handler, you are required to be in control of your service animal at all times and are responsible for caring for and supervising the service animal, which includes toileting, feeding, and grooming and veterinary care. 1440 is not obligated to supervise or otherwise care for any service animal.
  • The service animal must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while in public places unless these devices interfere with the service animal's work or the person's disability prevents use of these devices.
  • Seating, food, and drink are provided for customer use only. The ADA gives a person with a disability the right to be accompanied by his or her service animal, but 1440 is not required to, nor does it allow, a service animal to sit or be fed at the table.
  • While 1440 does not charge guests any sort of fee for housing your service dog or cleaning its hair and dander, we will assess and charge you for any damage to the room or campus your service animal may cause as we would any other guest.
Is 1440 an appropriate place for me if I am not an experienced workshop attendee or retreat goer? 1440 Multiversity is a place where all are welcome. If you have never attended a retreat or program workshop before, do not be discouraged. Read the program description carefully and follow your heart in terms of your desire to learn. For those who wish to explore mindfulness and self-discovery, we recommend booking a Rest & Renewal stay to stimulate your curiosity, enhance self-awareness, and allow you to be more fully alive so you can leave with more energy than you arrive with. There are no refunds so please choose a program carefully.
Can a friend or family member stop by to visit me while I am at a program? Unfortunately not. Our operating license as a 501(c)(3) requires all visitors to be paid registered guests; therefore, there are no day passes allowed as 1440 is a private campus. Additionally, we cannot sell or offer services to anyone that is not registered to learn. Out of the respect and privacy of those who are immersed in learning, we require all guests to register at the Lodge upon arrival and only registered guests are allowed on campus. For their own safety and security, all registered attendees are required to wear their program badges at all times. 1440 strictly abides by and enforces criminal trespass laws as outlined in California Penal Code 602 PC which can lead to penalties of up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.00 if you are caught trespassing.
What facilitates are located on campus for me to use during my free time? 1440 has a fitness center equipped with a variety of cardio-equipment, free weights and suspension bands. There is also a Healing Arts Center with 20 treatments rooms for massage therapy (appointments are highly encouraged and tend to fill quickly on the weekends), a heated infinity tub, as well as gender specific steam and sauna rooms in each locker area. 1440 also offers 4.5 miles of private on-site hiking and walking trails in addition to several outdoor areas such as crest and the cathedral for journaling, meditation, and self-reflection among the redwoods including the "mother tree".
Can locals or visitors come to campus and enjoy the facilities and trails? Unfortunately not. 1440 is a private campus and while we occasionally offer paid events and programs for locals to register for, the campus is private and not otherwise available to locals, visitors, or any other nonregistered guests. 1440 does not offer tours and the amenities of the campus such as the trails are only available to registered guests to use. 1440 strictly abides by this policy and enforces criminal trespass laws as outlined in California Penal Code 602 PC which can lead to penalties of up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.00
Why do I have to wear a registration badge?
  • 1440 is a private campus and your registration badge is made exclusively for you with your name, dates of your stay, and the program you are registered in. Please wear it so we can best protect your privacy, safety, and security.
  • Based on the 501(c)(3) status of 1440 Multiversity as a learning destination, we are legally required to only serve guests that are registered to learn on our campus.
  • Staff protocol is to ask guests to identify themselves by wearing the badge provided to them upon arrival at the Lodge at all time—especially when entering classrooms, the community dining hall, signature classes, retail outlets, Healing Arts center, and all public spaces on campus.
  • Guests are required to visibly display their registration badge at all times and present their badge to staff before being served or granted access to the private grounds of 1440. Please respect this policy and be kind if you are asked to provide your badge and wear it at all times. 1440 strictly abides by this policy and enforces criminal trespass laws as outlined in California Penal Code 602 PC, which can lead to penalties of up to six months in county jail and fine up to $1,000.00.
What is 1440's cancellation policy?
  • The following policies generally apply to all confirmed reservations:
    • If you cancel 30 or more days prior to your arrival date, your deposit will be refunded unless stipulated otherwise in your confirmation.
    • No refund is available if you cancel fewer than 30 days prior to your arrival day.
  • Registered program guests will not be refunded under any of the following circumstances:
    • If your program has a special prepayment policy—see individual workshop descriptions.
    • If you do not arrive as confirmed, or if you leave a program or event early.
    • If you attend a program and are dissatisfied with the facility, faculty presentation, or content.
    • On rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, 1440 Multiversity may need to cancel a program. We will notify registrants of cancellation a minimum of 7 days in advance of the program start date and will offer a full refund for housing and tuition. Or, if you prefer, a credit may be applied to a Rest & Renewal stay over the same time period of the original reservation. Note: if you are purchasing airfare to visit 1440, we recommend investing in travel insurance with appropriate coverage for ultimate flexibility, since 1440 will not reimburse for travel expenses.
What type of payment do you accept and what are the deposit requirements?
  • 1440 currently accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. No other payment options are available so please plan accordingly.
  • A deposit of 50% of your total stay package (tuition plus accommodations and applicable taxes) is due at time of reservation and can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
  • The remaining 50% of your total stay package (tuition plus accommodations and applicable taxes) is due prior to arrival and can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
Can I guarantee my incidentals with a credit card upon arrival? Yes. Your entire stay must be paid in full upon arrival; however, since there are services that may potentially be purchased during your visit, 1440 will charge your debit or credit card a fee upon arrival as an advance against any additional charges you incur while on campus.
What are the main differences between 1440 Multiversity and a hotel?
  • 1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning destination, not a for-profit hotel.
  • Pricing at 1440 is packaged to include overnight accommodations, meals, learning classes, and tuition. Most hotels charge for the room only and all other services are priced separately.
  • 1440 offers a minimalist approach to design and function vs hotels which offer luxurious comforts.
  • 1440 has no minibars, TVs, or room service so guests can focus on the content and reflect on the learning taking place in their classrooms with no distractions; hotels offer most of these amenities, services, and more.
  • Most guests at 1440 are required to share community hall bathrooms vs a typical hotel room that has its own bathroom.
  • Unlike hotels that have one or more dining outlets and room service, there is no a la carte restaurant at 1440. All meals are provided in Kitchen Table community style and guests all enjoy the same menu during set meal hours designed around the learning classes offered.
  • There are no minibars in the guest rooms at 1440 containing beverages and snacks. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and utilize the complimentary filtered water filling stations in each building. Snacks are available for purchase at Common Grounds café.
  • 1440 has a curfew and expects all guests to honor the 10:00 pm lights out and quiet time mandate to afford all guests a good night's rest to optimize the learning experience.
  • All guests are encouraged to attend movement and mindfulness classes offered at least three times a day as part of their daily package, whereas most hotels do not offer such classes.
  • Traditional hotels offerings such as valet parking, local shuttles, and concierge are not offered at 1440. The campus is designed for students to service themselves.
Is there an age limit on who comes to campus? 1440 is primarily an adult-only campus with a minimum age of 18 for those attending programs, unless a program is marketed to include families. If you intend to bring your family, each person must be registered separately with their own confirmed reservation (our all-inclusive package rates are per person, per night) and we request that children under the age of 18 are always supervised by a legal parent or guardian when attending a program.
How much does it cost to stay at 1440? Pricing at 1440 is based on all-inclusive packages which include accommodations, tuition, meals, and signature classes when applicable and vary by the three types of stays we offer. For instance, final pricing for program-based workshops vary and are determined primarily by the tuition amount and the room type each guest elects. Guests who stay for Rest & Renewal have a free schedule to do as they please and the stay amount is primarily dictated by the type of room they choose—there are also curated packages that offer the best value for guests who are not attending workshops.
Can I upgrade my room when I get to 1440 if I booked a shared room and I don't like my roommate? 1440 optimizes attendance at all programs to serve our mission; therefore, it is unlikely that rooms will be available to upgrade to- especially over weekends when the campus tends to sell out. For those that demand privacy, it is strongly recommended that you book private rooms with private baths upon registering for the program. If rooms are available to upgrade to, be prepared to pay prevailing pricing which is typically much higher on the day of arrival since published rates expire 14 - 30 days prior to each workshop.
Is the 1440 campus ADA accessible?
  • 1440 meets all requirements for ADA compliance and offers those with special needs several options while on campus to make their stay more comfortable including, but not limited to, special room accommodations, accessible ramps, transportation assistance, and communication devices.
  • It is important to note that the campus is situated on hilly terrain, and there is not a continuous accessible pathway between points on campus; however, each building has an accessible path into it. To ensure access between buildings that do not have an accessible path between them, we offer an accessible shuttle. This shuttle is provided to transport guests from parking areas to accessible pathways leading to campus buildings and to transport guests between accessible pathways so that they can enter each building. For additional questions about accessibility and to coordinate your transportation while on campus, please contact us at least two weeks in advance of your arrival at 1-844-544-1440 (option 1) or [email protected].
Can I book a private room for my stay at 1440? Yes, all guests have the option of booking a private room at a premium price based on a first-come basis when available. However, please select carefully since not all private rooms have private bathrooms. You can book a private room by reserving online or by calling 1-844-544-1440 (option 1). If you have a traveling companion you wish to share with, you must call to book such reservations over the phone as our website only allows for individual reservations. To book for more than one person sharing the same room, please call our reservations line: 1-844-544-1440.
Can my family or friends stay with me while I attend a program at 1440? By nature of our license to operate, only guests registered with 1440 are allowed on the private campus. If you would like friends or family members to join you, they must be registered campus guests which means they must pay the full tuition package price for the program or register with 1440 as a Rest & Renewal guest. Expect to pay a much higher fee if you just show up and do not register in advance as package rates for programs expire 14 - 30 days prior to arrival. Our overnight packages are priced per person, per night. For a family member or friend to stay with you, they must be booked under their own reservation even if they aren't taking a program—this includes children who must be supervised at all times by a legal parent or guardian not attending a program.
Does 1440 have room service?  Are coffee and tea available in the rooms? 1440 does not offer room service, nor do we provide in-room beverages. As a learning destination, we encourage community dining and offer three meals a day at set times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
What alternative dining options are there besides the meals provided in Kitchen Table? 1440 has a café called Common Grounds which is open seven days a week. Hours vary at times; however, the basic hours of service are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. For additional fees to your package pricing, guests may purchase small grab and go items such as cookies, beverages, bottled water, gelato, small snacks, salads, and other items of their choice.
What are my options for water to stay hydrated while visiting 1440? 1440 is eco-friendly and while we do sell bottled beverages in Common Grounds café, there are several purified water filling stations around campus and in each guest building. We encourage guests to bring their own water bottles which may be filled as frequently as you like. 1440 will soon offer each guest one 12 oz aluminum bottle of spring water which may be used throughout the duration of your stay at the filling stations.
What amenities and comforts are provided in each room? Each guest room is equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, an alarm clock, an in-room safe for each bed, eco-friendly shampoo and body wash, a hair dryer, and a clothing rack with three hangers per bed. 1440 does not offer in-room TVs phones or minibars. If pre-arranged, 1440 may provide a mini-refrigerator, iron, ironing board, or steamer for a daily fee.
Is there air conditioning on campus? Most of our accommodations do offer one temperature control that provides air conditioning and/or heat. Select rooms also have windows that open for fresh air. Classrooms and meeting spaces are temperature controlled.
Can I use my portable electronic devices and cell phone in my guest room? Many guests choose to leave their personal electronic devices at home or in their cars to support the natural serene environment. Guests that use their cell phones keep them in silent mode and tend to be connected to 1440's on-site texting tool to receive updates about the status of classes, schedule changes, and the like. 1440 does ask that personal conversations not be had in public spaces and that you have the courtesy to consult with your roommate to avoid infringing on shared space. Cell phones should not be used in the pods.
What are the daily hours of the Spa and Healing Arts center? The Spa and Healing Arts center is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily and accessible to registered guests only. Based on demand, locker rooms and steam rooms are only available to guests with reserved treatments on the weekends.
What about my jewelry, personal belongings and valuables? 1440 does not recommend bringing valuable items to campus in general given the nature of the openness and shared spaces. If you do bring valuables, please leave such items in the safe in your guest room. While we do offer lockers for treatments at the Healing Arts center, we never recommend placing your valuables in them.
Should I shave before a spa treatment? Shaving is recommended, but not necessary, for men prior to a facial. If you do choose to shave prior to your facial, be sure to do so at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Shaving is not recommended prior to any body treatments or hair removal services.
When is the infinity-edge hot tub available for use? The hot tub is available for all guests to enjoy from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Towels are provided, but please bring a bathing suit. No food or beverage is allowed inside the Healing Arts center.
What services do you offer at the Healing Arts center? The Healing Arts Center offers therapeutic massages, nourishing body treatments, esthetician services, and energy work. Please browse our Menu of Treatments.
How can I book a treatment at the Spa and Healing Arts center? While there are 22 spa treatment rooms available, they tend to book up quickly on weekends so we strongly encourage you to schedule your treatment in advance by contacting Healing Arts reception at 1-844-544-1440, ext 304 or by emailing [email protected].
Where do I check in for my spa treatment? Please check in at the Healing Arts center reception desk at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time if possible. You will be escorted to the locker room where you can change into a spa robe and enjoy the infinity-edge hot tub or steam rooms before your service begins.
What are Signature Classes? Signature classes are taught to all campus guests at least three times a day to enhance mindfulness and introduce elements that make us all conscious about leading a more integrated and conscious lifestyle.
What times are the Signature Classes offered? The classes do vary by time; however, there is always an early morning class (usually offered at 7:00 am), an afternoon class (usually offered at 1:00 pm), and an early evening class (usually offered at 5:00 pm). Additional classes are added when occupancy rises and/or based on student program schedules.
What types of Signature Classes are offered and where can I find a listing? Classes vary by type but are typically centered around basic movement, health, nutrition, meditation, yoga, creative expression, art, and exercise. To explore the full list of classes offered, including descriptions, visit Check at the Lodge each morning for the most current list of daily classes scheduled each day.
When do you determine the schedule of signature classes? The final class schedule in terms of time and location is determined on Thursdays for the upcoming weekend and the following week based on expected guests and program schedules.
Do I have to register for signature classes in advance and how many people can attend a class at once? Signature classes are available to registered guests of 1440 only on a first come basis with a typical class size of up to 40 guests. There is no need to register in advance; however, you must check in with the instructor upon arrival to verify that you are a registered guest.
Is there a charge for signature classes? 1440 offers a regular schedule of signature classes to all guests at no charge with two exceptions being (i) private classes for small and large groups and (ii) cooking demonstrations where food will be prepared and served. In such cases, you may have the opportunity to preregister if class sizes are limited and/or will be advised of the cost in advance.
How long are signature classes and how physical are they? Most signature classes are typically 45 - 60 minutes; however, outdoor classes can last a little longer. Class times are posted at the Lodge each morning and you can also register for the 1440 texting tool to receive updates on class schedules and locations by +1-888-727-1440. Most classes cater to all levels of physical fitness and you are encouraged to participate only to the comforts of your limits and capabilities. Please note that all nature walks do require maneuvering up and down hilly terrain at steep levels at certain points along the trials.
Can I book a private class for myself or my group? Yes, private instruction for any of our classes is available if booked in advance. You may also request a specific teacher, however, the daily availability of each may vary. Charges for such classes typically begin at 250.00 per class and go up from there with final costs determined by the equipment, supplies, and space requirements based on the total number of people expected. For more information regarding a private class for you or your group please contact our group sales team.
What is the appropriate attire to attend a class? Most classes welcome guests in attire that they feel most comfortable in. We recommend clothing that affords you freedom of movement to stretch, bend and posture yourself. Non-slip shoes are recommended, and some classes afford the opportunity to remove your footwear. While most classes are indoors, there are some classes offered outdoors so be sure to dress appropriately. We also recommend that you bring your own refillable water bottle and a towel if you perspire easily. For yoga classes, we do provide mats and supplies, however, you may bring your own. Always wear your registration badge as you will be asked to retrieve it before being afforded access to the class.
What do groups do when they come to 1440? Organizations and companies that gather at 1440 for meetings, retreats, or social consciousness movements are required to schedule some form of learning as part of their itinerary. 1440 has a group department to organize private signature classes and learning experiences to include private team-building activities, guided nature walks, movement classes, or creative expression activities. For more information regarding our signature group classes please call +1-888-727-1440.
What is considered a group? A group is defined as a gathering of people (typically 10 or more) for two nights or more that wish to organize a private learning experience unrelated to an existing faculty program. This can be an organization, corporate event, or social gathering where you wish to create your own schedule provided that a mission-aligned learning experience is part of your plan.
What is the educational requirement in order to book by private group or event at 1440? Part of the inquiry process for booking a private group or event requires answering a series of questions to determine the outcome of your visit to 1440. Generally speaking, you must engage in a mission-aligned learning experience (corporate consciousness, professional growth, leadership development, mindfulness, social justice, signature class participation, etc.) as part of your stay. 1440 is always willing to partner with you to create an agenda for your private event. For more information and assistance in creating collaborative communities, organizations, or workplaces or social consciousness, contact our group department at +1-888-727-1440.
Do I have to share a room? The majority of accommodations at 1440 require being paired with a roommate and utilizing a community hall bath (vs a private en suite) since we are a learning destination campus and not a hotel. If you are attending a private event, your company or organization predetermined the housing stipulations; therefore, questions regarding housing should be directed to your company or organization, not to 1440. If you have questions related to the type of rooms available, please contact 1440 for more information.
Do you offer team-building activities and custom class offerings for groups? See answer above, under "Can I book a private signature class for myself or my group?"