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Nutrition Philosophy

Eat Well. Live Well.

1440 Multiversity believes that food is the foundation of optimal health and diet is the essential key to all successful healing.  Following this simple nutrition strategy can add years to your life and…
  • Eat whole foods vs. processed foods.
  • Focus on a mostly plant-based diet.
  • Make anti-inflammatory food choices.
  • Only include foods from healthy animals.
  • We all have unique food needs.
  • Food choices and preparation matter.

Food As Medicine

Food is our most important medicine which is why the 1440 Multiversity culinary team operates mindfully and with a "Food as Medicine" approach. Since we use only the most fresh, seasonal ingredients available, our menus at 1440 vary daily, with gluten-free and vegan options at every meal. All produce is sourced from within a 300-mile radius and often paired with organic meats and seafood from partners dedicated to sustainable and humane practices.
Food Is Medicine

Food Is Medicine

1440 believes that food is a foundational building block to the optimal health of individuals and our communities. Poor food choices contribute to the development of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers, among other health ailments. With the rise of chronic diseases in our country, the 1440 food program is designed to reconnect us to a healthy and nutritional diet without compromising flavor or quality.
While all meals feature a plant-based approach to provide you with a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich and anti-inflammatory diet known to improve chronic disease outcomes and prevent development of chronic diseases, we also offer the option to add a sustainable healthy animal protein. Such proteins provide a source of both macronutrients (protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that cannot be found in other foods. We source animals raised in their natural environments that produce more nutrient-rich and less inflammatory foods than animals raised using modern industrialized animal production, such as feeding animals grains and raising them in a crowded environment.

While there is no one right "diet" for everyone, we are thoughtful about our food choices and preparation, so that each meal at 1440 will nourish you and decrease the risk for disease as life stage, lifestyle and food intolerances all dictate unique individual food needs.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Joanie’s Garden

The garden is dedicated to the inspiration of the 1440 name by co-creator Joanie Kriens. Every meal served in Kitchen Table is influenced by Joanie's Garden under direct oversight of campus gardener Mike MacDonald.
Whether it be fresh produce, fragrant herbs, zest from a fruit tree or colorful edible flowers snipped for garnishes at service, the influence is undeniable. With his background and education in agriculture and food eco-systems, Gardener Mike collaborates with the chefs at 1440 to ensure that Joanie's Garden is an ever-evolving, blossoming and sustainable haven on campus that touches every plate to enhance nutrition and increase our environmental mindfulness.

The Teaching Kitchen

1440 Multiversity is actively engaged in the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) launched in 2015 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Department of Nutrition, The Culinary Institute of America, and Dr. David Eisenberg.
The 1440 Teaching Kitchen offers nutritional classes, cooking demonstrations, and classes in basic cooking techniques to educate and inspire the home cook in all of us. This versatile campus hotspot also features everything from live interactive group events based on the popular television show Chopped to fundraising dinners that provide evidenced-based nutrition education life skills to individuals, families, organizations and communities.